I recently took part in Joyce’s ‘Sensual Qigong’ class. Quite honestly, the word ‘class’ doesn’t cut it. It’s an experience. One which touched my heart and soul in ways that I wasn’t expecting. It enabled me to channel and focus on me like no other ‘class’ has.  There was no preoccupation with the usual strength training, toning or weight loss. It was instead a celebration of what makes us women. What Joyce offers – as a person I might add – not just as a teacher, is a deep and, quite frankly, beautiful and rare opportunity to connect with your inner self.  The self that doesn’t get to have the time of day in the rush and chaos of life.  Joyce offers an indulgence in YOU. Whether it’s Qigong, or wellness coaching, I can’t recommend her highly enough. Thank you Joyce for your courage and belief – and for all you do to encourage and nurture the connection between our minds, inner soul and mother earth that gives us the unique energy we all have within usRowena CF., Navesink, NJ

Spiritual Beauty Cente


PLACE:  @ Spiritual Beauty Center

130 Bay Avenue, Highlands, NJ 07732

INVESTMENT: 85 dollars for 5 classes.
110 dollars for all 7 classes

20 dollars for walk in.

Card is valid for the duration of the 7 week series

PAYMENT: cash, check or paypal  at the beginning of the series

This is a beautiful intimate space. Our circle can only fit about 10 women. Please register for the series or text me to see if there is space for a walk in.


Selfless love Yoga 

Workshop July 25th Thursday evening from 7-9 @ $40 in Atlantic Highlands. Please contact Lindsay at Selfless love Yoga to reserve your spot. 732-204-2013

Hot and Soul Yoga Colts Neck

Workshop Friday evening from 7-9 in Colts Neck on April 12th. Please sign into the event with this link or call Hot and Soul Yoga. Space is limited.


Monmouth Beach Yoga and Wellness


National Qigong Association Conference

The Robert Treat Hotel,  50 Park Place, Newark, NJ

Female Essence Qigong: Saturday 22 July 2017 from 2:15-4:30pm

JOYCE VIRANI WORKSHOP:  Female Essence Qigong.  This sensual qigong practice will rejuvenate  you, connect you with your feminine essence, cleanse your emotional and spiritual self, and spark your inner healing power.  We will shake, bounce, dance, breathe, meditate, massage and use sound to unleash stagnant energy layers in the body where stress, tension, disease and emotions are stored.  Soft, flowing and sensual movements will allow you to get out of our head and into your body connecting you with your feminine energy and the sensations of your body wakening your deeper wisdom, your intuition and desired feelings.  There is a powerhouse of energy stored inside of you waiting to flow and be released.  It will be a true honor to  guide you into your body and fully surrender to your deep sense of inner knowing and experience the transformational power of self care through Sensual Qigong.

BIO:  Joyce is an IIN certified Female Energy and Wellness Coach and Qigong practitioner in Middletown, NJ.  After being diagnosed with Graves’, an autoimmune disease affecting her thyroid in 2010, she fell head over heels in love with the soft and graceful yet powerful ancient practice of Qigong.  Through her practice she was able to tap into and spark her body’s own healing power and cure herself from Graves’.  She learned how to get out of her head and into her body, how to embrace and cultivate her feminine energy and feel empowered from her core.  She had had the honor to practice with Maxine Forster Guenther, Roger Jahnke, Solala Towler and Vicki Dello Joio. 


Self Confidence Circle

11 April 2017: 7:00-9:30PM

RoseMarie Couture DeSaro

“Exciting Announcement! Joyce Virani, Sensual Qigong Master has been added as a guest mentor! She will be using her techniques of soft, flowing and sensual movements to allow you to get out of your head and into your body connecting you with your feminine energy and the sensations of your body awakening your deeper wisdom, your intuition and desired feelings so you can tap into your inner confidence.
Reconnecting with the source of your being, coming home to who you are and what you are capable of is the gift or this beautiful practice and a perfect addition to this month’s Gutsy Gal Gathering.

Space is limited and is almost full. Don’t wait until it’s too late.”