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Connect to your heart energy. Come home to joy, passion, desire, compassion and unconditional love.

Breathe love into your heart and let it flow into your whole body on the out breath.
Breathe in with your hands in front of your heart as you fill them with love and breathe out as you reach up and down with your hands sending and visualizing a beautiful warm red light filled with the healing energy of love through your whole body.

Once you connect to the movement in your body and you know the moment, maybe you can connect to how this movement feels in your body. Be curious in your body. Play with the speed of the movement and the quality of your breathe. Move your hands close to your body or farther away. How does it feel when you stand up? This movement can be done seated and standing.

Feel into the sound and rhythm of your heartbeat, and the music. Engage all your senses to be fully present in the moment. To feel!

Connect to love, what you love and how you feel loved. Tune into what you want and wish for and let that energy flow to every part of your body in need of self care.
I love you. 💗

Music is an integral part of Sensual Qigong. Each piece of music is carefully curated to enhance your experience of the movement, activate your sense of hearing and connect to your feelings and emotions in your body.

“Blue Notebook” by Isobel Waller-Bridge and the Iskra String Quartet


“There is always light for those who want to find it , but there needs to be someone willing to share the light . That someone is Joyce , the one who never stops seeking the way to spread awareness of positivity and connectedness with one’s own self and with others. Ram Dass said:” If you want to cure the world , don’t emanate fear-emanate love.” This is what Joyce did this morning in her first online class , she mindfully  brought her Sensual Qigong class into our homes while respectfully observing social distancing of this time. She emanated love and so did we. Thank you , Joyce for creating this wonderful opportunity for us to remotely attend your class and for giving us an opportunity to invite our long distance friends and family to partake in this meaningful gathering that brings light , joy and love.” – Azerina

“In the midst of chaos and fear, Joyce once again gave me an oasis. I felt comforted by the group of women I’ve come to know so well over our years of practice and could feel their gentle embrace as I listened to Joyce’s soothing voice. My body responded immediately, instinctively flowing into the motions that give me so much peace and joy. As always, I left the practice inspired and ready to take on my day. I immediately made two videos to send to my own students at the university where I work, both as a way to build a feeling of community and to reassure them that they are not alone. I am so grateful that Joyce is offering us this opportunity to practice together during this anxiety ridden time. I know we will all need to be together and to circle around this lovely lightworker, our master Joyce.” – Gina 

“Joyce’s sensual qigong class is something I look forward to every week.  It’s where I go to balance, move and be part of a community or women.  Today we did our first virtual class and once I heard Joyce’s soothing voice, saw her beautiful smile and heard her amazing music I was transported to our small studio. We were all within our own homes yet the connection felt deeper and my senses were somehow heightened, more alert because I was practicing in my own space yet I could sense the energy of all the other women as well. I look forward to practicing virtually again. I am so grateful to Joyce for creating an online community for us in a time we all need it the most. ” – Michelle  

“What a delight it was to have a virtual qigong class with Joyce. I love that despite what is going on with the Corona virus outbreak, we could still join together to do this much needed practice during this stressful time. It is in this type of self-care that I am able to stay more clear-minded and grounded. Today’s practice helped me to get out of my head and into my body and focus on keeping myself balanced. Even I wasn’t there in person, I could still feel Joyce’s beautiful energy which helped to elevate my energy. I also loved that I could see the other women participating which made it feel like we were together. I felt so much better after the practice, much more ready for my day. Thank you with all my heart for making it possible to continue practicing with you when everything is getting cancelled.” – Monika

                                                                                                      14 March 2020

Hello beautiful,

Especially right now I want to let you know that I’m thinking about you. That I love you. In these trying times I  want to let you know that I am here for you. I love to continue to create a safe space for us to share of our energy, support and love. To find a moment of calm, a sensual pause in the midst of chaos. To be able to take care of yourself  not only physically but also emotionally and spiritually. Connect to your body. Feel what there is to feel. And connect with others. To clear your energy field, calm your nervous system and tune into trust, calm, kindness, compassion and love. 

To keep everybody safe I have decided to continue our Female Sensual Qigong gatherings virtually via ZOOM and I would love for you to  join me hoping you will bear with me as I am figuring this all out as we go.

If you would like to join me in a virtual sensual qigong class as well, follow the information below.

  1. Pay on Venmo to reserve your spot. See VENMO information below. I will get notified that you paid and will send you a link to my Qi zoom room. With this link you can enter my virtual classes. See class schedule below and see class card options below. If you already have a card with me, I will take attendance and mark your card. If you are on my weekly email list, the link to my Qi Zoom room will already be there. 
  2. If you are on a tablet or phone, download the free ZOOM app first and then click on the zoom link I have sent you. If you are on a computer you can click on the link directly and it will guide you. Make sure your video and sound are on. 
  3. I will be in the Qi Zoom room 15 minutes prior to each class to help you set up if it is your first time. If you have questions you can always connect with me via 917-217-1274. 
  4. It helps to find a space in your home where your wifi connection is strong and you can set up a little sanctuary for yourself. Maybe light a candle, rub some oil in your hands and place a few crystals near you you can see. This way, you will be able to activate your senses while practicing sensual Qigong virtually with each other. 


 1 class card @ $20
*Valid for 1 class only
 5 class card @ $90
 discount of $10
*Valid 2 months from first day of usage
 9 class card @ $160
 discount of $20
Valid for 3 months from first day of usage
 13 class card  @ $220
 discount of $40
*Valid 4 months from first day of usage
Payment via Venmo or check

If you have purchased a class card from me I will keep track of it for you each time you join an online class with me.

If you wish to buy a class card from me please pay me via Venmo: Joyce-Virani

Outside of the USA via Paypal: joyce@joycevirani.com


For now there are NO ON LOCATION CLASSES

Refer to this schedule below when on location classes will be possible again.

I recently took part in Joyce’s ‘Sensual Qigong’ class. Quite honestly, the word ‘class’ doesn’t cut it. It’s an experience. One which touched my heart and soul in ways that I wasn’t expecting. It enabled me to channel and focus on me like no other ‘class’ has.  There was no preoccupation with the usual strength training, toning or weight loss. It was instead a celebration of what makes us women. What Joyce offers – as a person I might add – not just as a teacher, is a deep and, quite frankly, beautiful and rare opportunity to connect with your inner self.  The self that doesn’t get to have the time of day in the rush and chaos of life.  Joyce offers an indulgence in YOU. Whether it’s Qigong, or wellness coaching, I can’t recommend her highly enough. Thank you Joyce for your courage and belief – and for all you do to encourage and nurture the connection between our minds, inner soul and mother earth that gives us the unique energy we all have within usRowena CF., Navesink, NJ

From 8:30 – 10:00 AM

1275 NJ-35, Middletown, NJ 07748

Note: no class on April 4 and 11.

From 10 – 11:30 AM

130 Bay Avenue, Highlands NJ 07732  

Note: no class on April 6 and 13 and May 25t

From 1:00 – 2:30 PM

4 E River Rd, Rumson, NJ 07760

Note: no class on April 7 and 14



When you want to experience one sensual qigong class and try something new.

 1 class card @ $20

 Valid for 1 class only

 5 BALANCE card

If you want to come once a week to feel balance through sensual qigong or if you would like to try it out for a few classes

5 class card @ $90. Discount of $10

Valid 2 months from first day of usage


If you want to come more often and love how sensual qigong makes you feel

9 class card @ $160. Discount of $20  

Valid for 3 months from first day of usage

 13 PASSION card

If you are absolutely madly passionate about self care and self love and you desire to connect to your deepest desires and dreams creating transformation

13 class card @ $220. Discount of $40

Valid 4 months from first day of usage

  • These cards can be used in any of the locations I teach Sensual Qigong classes. Class duration is between 1:15 – 1:30
  • They can be used within a family.
  • They are not transferable and they cannot be used towards any sensual qigong workshops.
  • If you have purchased a series card with me at either location I teach, please finish using that card within that series. Moving forward you will have a choice between the cards above.

PAYMENT: cash, check or venmo please.

Venmo: @joyce-virani or find me via my phone number 917-217-1274