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There is always light for those who want to find it , but there needs to be someone willing to share the light . That someone is Joyce , the one who never stops seeking the way to spread awareness of positivity and connectedness with one’s own self and with others. Ram Dass said:” If you want to cure the world , don’t emanate fear-emanate love.” This is what Joyce did this morning in her first online class , she mindfully  brought her Sensual Qigong class into our homes while respectfully observing social distancing of this time. She emanated love and so did we. Thank you , Joyce for creating this wonderful opportunity for us to remotely attend your class and for giving us an opportunity to invite our long distance friends and family to partake in this meaningful gathering that brings light , joy and love. Azerina F., NJ

In the midst of chaos and fear, Joyce once again gave me an oasis. I felt comforted by the group of women I’ve come to know so well over our years of practice and could feel their gentle embrace as I listened to Joyce’s soothing voice. My body responded immediately, instinctively flowing into the motions that give me so much peace and joy. As always, I left the practice inspired and ready to take on my day. I immediately made two videos to send to my own students at the university where I work, both as a way to build a feeling of community and to reassure them that they are not alone. I am so grateful that Joyce is offering us this opportunity to practice together during this anxiety ridden time. I know we will all need to be together and to circle around this lovely lightworker, our master Joyce.  Gina M., NJ

Joyce’s sensual qigong class is something I look forward to every week.  It’s where I go to balance, move and be part of a community or women.  Today we did our first virtual class and once I heard Joyce’s soothing voice, saw her beautiful smile and heard her amazing music I was transported to our small studio. We were all within our own homes yet the connection felt deeper and my senses were somehow heightened, more alert because I was practicing in my own space yet I could sense the energy of all the other women as well. I look forward to practicing virtually again. I am so grateful to Joyce for creating an online community for us in a time we all need it the most.  Michelle C., NJ

What a delight it was to have a virtual qigong class with Joyce. I love that despite what is going on with the Corona virus outbreak, we could still join together to do this much needed practice during this stressful time. It is in this type of self-care that I am able to stay more clear-minded and grounded. Today’s practice helped me to get out of my head and into my body and focus on keeping myself balanced. Even I wasn’t there in person, I could still feel Joyce’s beautiful energy which helped to elevate my energy. I also loved that I could see the other women participating which made it feel like we were together. I felt so much better after the practice, much more ready for my day. Thank you with all my heart for making it possible to continue practicing with you when everything is getting cancelled. Monika T., NJ

I loved being there at your sensual qigong workshop last night. Your work is so much of what we need to remember. Connecting and feeling ourselves and each other, balancing our energy to heal, playing, smiling, moving our bodies. It is so special and deeply beautiful, it is a reflection of you ♥️ Thank you for sharing you. Katherine of Light, Light Language Practitioner

When I took Joyce’s Heart Opening Sensual Qigong class, I felt a PROFOUND shift in my energy. I couldn’t believe what came up for me once I opened myself up to discover what I was hiding inside. Even with all my meditation, yoga, mindful movement and reiki practice, Joyce’s guidance in Qigong left me feeling more radiant than I have in a LONG time! The stuff that came up energetically was NOT what I expected, which means we really cleansed all corners of my being where energy can be blocked. Joyce helped me clear out the deepest congestion and stale energy I was unknowingly holding onto. I want all my students to experience what I have which is why I am thrilled Joyce is coming to my Yoga studio and teach a workshop. Alicia Somma – Hodgskin, owner and caretaker of Elevate Yoga, Hazlet NJ

I recently took part in Joyce’s Sensual Qigong class. Quite honestly, the word ‘class’ doesn’t cut it. It’s an experience. One which touched my heart and soul in ways that I wasn’t expecting. It enabled me to channel and focus on me like no other ‘class’ has.  There was no preoccupation with the usual strength training, toning or weight loss. It was instead a celebration of what makes us women. What Joyce offers – as a person I might add – not just as a teacher, is a deep and, quite frankly, beautiful and rare opportunity to connect with your inner self.  The self that doesn’t get to have the time of day in the rush and chaos of life.  Joyce offers an indulgence in YOU. Whether it’s Qigong, or wellness coaching, I can’t recommend her highly enough. Thank you Joyce for your courage and belief – and for all you do to encourage and nurture the connection between our minds, inner soul and mother earth that gives us the unique energy we all have within us”  Rowena CF., Navesink, NJ

Through your practice you’ve enabled me to become stronger and more grounded and tap into my femininity.  It’s changed my relationships.  My marriage is stronger than ever and intimacy off the charts! ”   Michelle C., Holmdel, NJ

I have been going to Joyce’s class for months now and Sensual Qigong has become my Saturday morning ritual. As a 16 year old girl, Joyce’s class offers me something nothing else can— A judgement free space where I can feel truly liberated and special. Sensual Qigong pushes me just outside of my comfort-zone in the best way possible and has helped me meet so many other inspiring women. Thank you Joyce!  Katie R., Middletown, NJ

In this hectic testosterone-filled world in which we live, instant gratification, competition, and survival are always at the forefront. It is essential that we, as women- and as people, be mindful of staying in balance:  balance in body, mind, and spirit.  Joyce shares her gift of spiritual enlightenment with great generosity and love. Studying with her has made a crucial difference in the way I view myself, my life, and the world.  She is a change-agent for love:  love of self and love for each other.  I am truly grateful to study with her.”  Corinda C., Highlands, NJ

Hi Joyce!  Thank you for an amazingly beautiful class.  Afterwards I felt lighter, and more connected to my real self.  You took us to that deep sacred place we need to visit more often.  Transforming to say the least.  We all really loved it and will definitely be back. ”   Judy M., Shrewsbury, NJ

I am so happy and fortunate to have found Joyce’s Sensual Qigong class. Joyce radiates such love and energy to each of her students. I look forward all week to attend her class and I am never disappointed.
Through the simple movements of Qigong, it has allowed me to tap into my own energy field. I have experienced greater balance, vitality and a feeling of being grounded. She has also been such a great role model. She conducts herself with such grace, beauty and she is an example of what it is to be truly healthy inside and out; the true meaning of being in balance. It is also a pleasure to attend her class with the other beautiful, kind Qigong students. We all feel supported and loved.” Noemi P.,Holmdel, NJ  

Joyce has been an incredible light in my life. Her gift and her passion are synonymous, in that she is the most empowering and encouraging woman I have ever met. She has the unique ability to make you feel comfortable to dig deep into areas of your life you likely do not discuss with anyone else. She brings to light the importance of the essence of being a woman and teaches you how to unleash your potential. I never feel more like I can take on the world than after being coached by Joyce. She is so full of knowledge and has provided me with endless resources that touch so many areas in my life to encourage wellness from inside and out. She has even shared resources with me that have taught my husband and I exactly how to conceive our first child naturally – and quickly! Thank you so much, Joyce – your clients are blessed to have you!”   Jessica S., Dallas TX

When I met with Joyce I was looking for ways to reduce my stress and improve the health and well being of my family and myself.  Chronic stress had taken a toll on my body and mind.  I didn’t know what to expect but upon meeting Joyce I was immediately put at ease as she exudes warmth, compassion and competence. Joyce worked with me on nutrition and how to better care for myself, but more importantly she helped me to connect with myself on a deeper level.  She was able to hone in on the underlying issues that were contributing to my stress. Joyce is incredibly intuitive and has a calming presence, which enhances her ability to connect with her clients.  She guided me to identify my strengths and to recognize the roadblocks, which were prohibiting me from reaching my full potential. She empowered me to take charge and trust my own instincts. With the tools she has given me I feel confident that I can navigate challenges that come my way.  Her teachings have inspired me to become the person I want to be. Working with Joyce has been an amazing journey and I am better for it.  Her presence in my life has truly been a blessing.”   Dina M., Middletown NJ   

My healing session with you was LOVELY!  Though studying to be in the healing profession myself (Nursing) I was new to the mind-body practice of Qigong…I’m so glad I was open to it!  During our session I found myself in a deeply relaxed state where time seemed to disappear, physical boundaries dissolved and my problems and worries melted away. There was no separation of body, mind and spirit; I felt integrated and connected to the intimate, serene environment in nature in which we practiced.  Not knowing what to expect, your gentle guidance and instruction helped walk me through the session; my senses seemed to be awakened and I was left with a feeling of comfort, peace and connection.  Thank you so much for your work and for our time together.  I left with a clear, calm mind, an energized body and a sense of empowerment and well-being. The session with you was just what I needed and I cannot wait to practice with you again!”   Tracey C., Springlake NJ   

I only had one goal when I decided to work with Joyce as my health coach.  I wanted Joyce to help me lose weight.  I wanted her to be my dietitian, nutritionist and personal trainer.  Boy! Was I wrong. We all have those moments when we wish we could just speak to someone who would listen and guide us, without any judgement. Joyce has been that person for me. In the first couple of sessions, I shared so many different topics, goals, challenges, and fears.  She helped me organize my thoughts, prioritize and work through them. She helped me explore the core of these topics, taught me how to create good habits for myself and how to integrate them into my daily life. She helped me understand the various aspects of healthy living and how I can achieve what I want to achieve by  realizing first how I want to feel! This is so important because she doesn’t have a one size fits all approach. I have learnt to celebrate myself and my successes. More importantly I have learnt to forgive myself when I get off track and gently guide myself back with a positive attitude. I am so happy to have had Joyce guide me through this journey of self-exploration to attain mind-body health and cannot recommend her enough. Treat yourself to the gift of working with Joyce and you will be rewarded.”    Priya R., Brooklyn NY

My children regularly attend Joyce’s Qigong classes and have benefited tremendously from them. They have developed a sense of body awareness, inner understanding, and strength that they can practice drawing on when they need it. Joyce has an amazing ability to inform and inspire those that she works with, at any age!”   Rommily H., Middletown NJ

Joyce is a very enthusiastic, interested and open person. Maybe it is our common Dutch background, but there is no topic I have not felt comfortable discussing with her; from work/life balance, Prana and Qigong energy to floating stool and sex. Joyce is very good at creating a safe place to lay out your issues and she discusses topics openly, with respect and often with a touch of humor! As she has lived a very full and diverse life, Joyce can relate to many topics. It is easy to talk to her about challenges I experience in my new career, relationship, motherhood and health. She makes me feel welcome, heard and she encourages and supports me in the steps I am taking. A great feeling! She is definitely on my list of people in my life I am grateful for!”   Vanda K., Paramaribo, Suriname

I have had the pleasure of having Joyce teach Qigong and Mindfulness to my class for the last two years.  It has been an amazing experience for the kids and for me!  My classroom is a mixed age group, ages 5 to 8.  Joyce’s sessions are engaging and fun for everyone. I love that Joyce brings in music and keeps the children’s interest by adding different movements each week.  The kids and I especially love and are having  so much fun with the animal Qigong.  Over time, I have observed an increase in focus and concentration in the kids.  Joyce’s enthusiasm and her ability to engage with the kids encourages even the most reluctant child to participate.  Our Qigong sessions always end in circle time that allows the kids to reflect on their experience and gain insight into their own feelings and thoughts.  Our Qigong sessions with Joyce are just awesome! !”   Robin S., Eatontown NJ

For the past two years Joyce has taught Qigong to a group of five to eight year olds at our school. She is such an inspiring teacher. All the children enjoy her weekly sessions and have become fluent in the moving and breathing exercises she has shown them. Joyce has a calm and gentle way of working with the children and the ability to inspire any a wandering or restless child back into the group. She includes storytelling art and music into her Qigong sessions as well some basic Science about how the body works. All of this has made her a very popular teacher and the children are always looking forward to her class. During my 46 years directing this ungraded alternative school I have had many adults sharing their passions and skills with groups of children and Joyce is one of the best. We are very lucky to have her.”   Susan Chilvers D. Ed., Director of The New School of Monmouth County NJ